California Attorney General Rob Bonta sues Huntington Beach over voter ID.

“The city will vigorously uphold and defend the will of the people.” Huntington Beach’s city attorney, Michael Gates went on to say “the people of Huntington Beach have made their voices clear on this issue.”

A measure on the ballot in March allows the city to require voter identification, increase in-person voting sites and monitor ballot drop boxes in local elections. Voters approved the measure by 53% according to county election data.

“They have greatly overstated the authority they think they have,” said Bonta. “They have willfully violated the law, they have brazenly violated the law. … They know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it anyway.”

The state of California has sued or threatened to sue Huntington Beach for a “no mask mandate” and “no vaccine mandate” as well as challenging California’s “sanctuary state law.”