California will ban the sale of new gas-powered mowers, leaf blowers and chainsaws in 2024. The zero-emissions law will only allow battery operated or plug-in electric lawn equipment. 

What will that mean for the 160-thousand employees working for the 50 thousand small landscaping business owners in California?? A lot of change… and a lot of cost. 

The change: a professional landscaper says to obey the law, will mean a complete retrofit of his workshop. New equipment and possibly hundreds of small batteries and the power to provide the surge of electricity to charge the volume of batteries and equipment each night.   

The landscaping professional says he’ll need 30 to 40 batteries for each three-person crew to do their job – everyday. That means lugging around those various sized, fully charged batteries. Then when depleted each will need to be plugged in and fully charged for the next day.

The cost: he doesn’t know. What is the price tag for new equipment, hundreds of extra batteries? And his monthly electric bill? He’s scared to run the numbers.